Excess Toxins May Be The REAL Reason Why You Have Not Conceived

No matter where you live, what you do for work, and how you spend your free time, every day, you are exposed to something so dangerous, and a pile up of these can ACTUALLY lead to infertility.

So, what are these dangerous stuffs? They are called toxins.

What Exactly Are Toxins?

fumeToxins are poisonous substances or pollutant, capable of causing disease in our body.

These toxins appear in the air, food, water, buildings, and even in the soil, invading your body, affecting your organs and potentially making you sick and causing fertility problems.

You think you are toxin-free? That is a big mistake. Your liver, uterus, intestines, fat tissues etc are packed with toxins from mercury, medications, birth control pills, smoke, pesticides, old menstrual blood, excess hormones, old fecal matter (in the intestines) alcohol, etc.

While the liver does the job of detoxifying, the liver is limited because the toxins endlessly pile.

In my years of interaction with people trying to conceive, it was a delight to find out that many couples are unable tofertile620 conceive simply because of excess toxins piling up their systems.

This is exciting because more than 60% of them usually get pregnant as soon as they finish their fertility detox program or fertility cleanse. And in that case, they skip the second stage of their treatment, which is the fertility boosting program.

So, What is Fertility Cleanse?

A fertility cleanse is especially designed to help remove toxins and other chemicals from your body, and make it easier for you to become pregnant.

In other words, fertility cleanse encourages the liver to cleanse the body of toxins and excess hormones. It also supports the uterus to cleanse itself of old stagnant blood and increases circulation to the uterus

And guess what? Without cleansing, there won’t be the right environment for healthy conception. Miscarriages, babies with health issues etc are common results of ‘uncleansed’ system.

You Think You Are Toxin-free?

That may be a costly and big mistake. Why? Your liver, uterus, intestines, fat tissues etc are filled with toxins from mercury, medications, birth control pills, smoke, pesticides, old menstrual blood, excess hormones, old fecal matter (in the intestines) alcohol, etc.

But how do you know if you need to detox or cleanse? Here are some tips.

Do You Need To Cleanse?

  • Do you experience PMS?
  • Do you experience unexplained fatigue?
  • Do you feel congested?
  • Have you been on birth control?
  • Do you have acne?
  • Do you have less than 1 bowel movement a day?
  • Do you have dark circles under your eyes?
  • Do you have liver spots or itchy skin?
  • Have you been on medication or antibiotics for longer than 1 week?
  • During your menses do you have dark blood, cramps, or blood clots?
  • Do you eat conventional meats and dairy?
  • Are you experiencing hormonal imbalance?
  • Do you experience frequent colds and flu?

If you answer yes to most of the above, then, I strongly advice that you first of all get cleansed. This is a necessity for a successful conception.

This is Exactly Why You Need Fertility Cleansecleanse

A deep cleansing process will help the body release toxins from the kidneys, liver, and lymphatic system.

In turn your internal system will be more balanced and capable of self-healing and handling many infertility related issues.

Before infertility issues such as PCOS, ovarian problems, hormonal disorders, and fertility problems can be permanently overcome, you have to get the toxins out of your body!

Fertility problems and many other illnesses, including hormonal imbalances, respond amazingly well to the cleansing of the body.

Actually, most of the symptoms associated with infertility practically disappear!!

But how can you do your fertility cleansing? This will be discussed in the next article.


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