Diabetes-The Dreaded Disease And You

Diabetes Is Deadly
Diabetes Is Deadly
Diabetes Is Deadly

Just about everywhere you turn you will hear the word diabetes. Whether it is from a commercial on the TV or radio, at school

or at work, it  is quickly becoming something that you hear about all the time. In recent times, it is being discovered in people of all ages and in all races, including children. Perhaps you are thinking, “What does Diabetes have to do with children?” It is that serious!

Diabetes has also become an epidemic in that it has become widespread and seems to be on the rise. Chances are you probably already know someone who is diabetic.


Why Diabetes Is Widespread

But why does diabetes affect so much people, and has suddenly become so widespread especially in the urban cities?

One reason  is because it is a disease that is partly caused by consuming high levels of sugar. When you consider the fact that sugar is now in much of what we eat, this shouldn’t be hard to understand. From the soft drink we consume to the snacks we eat, sugar is like a landlord and many enjoy them this way. Even the so called low-sugar drinks, are they really low in sugar? Find out the truth.


Another reason is that Diabetes is basically a quiet disease. There is no pain associated with it, except when it has started affecting other organs, and the symptoms may not be all that serious at the start. This leads people to often conclude that it is not so bad.

The end result from this assumption is that more often than not, nothing is done to prevent it even when people have been warned in advance by their doctor. Some will even taunt: “Disease no dey kill African man”. If that was true decades ago, things have changed now. People die and die everyday from complications that can be traced to diabetes.


Don’t make that mistake. Diabetes is very serious because as it creates long term problems that are very detrimental if left uncontrolled and the same bad habits are continued. This makes it a serious threat from the outset if you want  to avoid the trouble that will come along with having diabetes.

So, what is it that makes diabetes such a health risk?


Diabetes Is So Risky Because…

Basically diabetes is the result of insulin problems and is caused by the body’s inability to either develop enough insulin, or to be able to use the insulin that it does produce. But what is insulin?

Insulin is a natural hormone produced by your body and it is given the task of taking the sugars you consume and turning

it into energy that the body can use.


Therefore, diabetes results when the insulin is not able (or if for one reason or another there, is not enough insulin) to handle the sugar that you eat. Thus, that results in too much sugar being left in your blood stream.


Normally, insulin enables the sugars to go from your bloodstream into the various tissues surrounding your blood vessels. This gives those tissues energy to be able to adequately carry out their normal functions when needed.

So what happens if the insulin is unable to carry out its functions well?

When insulin is not properly handling the sugar in the blood, two things occur:


  1.  The sugar remains in the bloodstream
  2. The energy does not get to the needed cells.


The excess sugar causes damage to the system and a lack of energy being transferred to those tissues results in general tiredness. Can you then see how the whole thing works?

What makes Diabetes a serious disease?

The dread associated with diabetes is not just the excess sugar in your blood stream but what results from the situation. What results?

Left uncontrolled, diabetes results in damage to your organs. The excess amounts of sugar will cause other problems in your body. Since higher levels of sugar in the bloodstream are not normal (or desirable), it results in some of your organs being damaged over time.

The organs that are most susceptible to damage are:


– The eyes

– The kidneys

– The nerves

– The blood vessels

-And many more


Although this damage may not be fast, or even noticeable, it still is occurring slowly without you noticing it immediately. Then, when it is suddenly noticed, the damage is already underway.


There are several other symptoms that your body will experience when you have diabetes, including excessive urination, poor wound healing, infections, ulcers and other damaging in effects that can even lead to loss of limbs.

We will talk more about symptoms of diabetes yet another issue. Until then if you feel you may be at risk of diabetes or you have anyone in your lineage with that history, do not hesitate to schedule appointment with doctor to be tested.The test is simple, does not waste time, is not painful and very cheap.

Get your self tested today. Even if you are not diabetic, be sure you do not miss the following issues as you can use it help others in the situation.

But the good news is, diabetes can be managed, even reversed. How?

Watch out for our next issue as we will be discussing about the differences between the three types of


Till then, remain healthy.


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