Apologies to all medical professionals, but I must say this: Doctors have made many women have died childless without knowing they are pregnant.

This may sound so funny and illogical, but wait till you hear my story…

My name is Betty from Edo state. I am married to a Dental Doctor, a close friend of mine from the University of Benin. I can say we’re a great couple, We did not just fall in love, but have remained in love for over 8 years now.

But something happened

Our 9th wedding anniversary ended up in chaos.

My mother-in-law landed from the village while the party was on.

Only God knows how she got to know about the anniversary. It was a show of shame as she fought hard to stop the anniversary. The big question is why?

No Baby, No Anniversary…

I will be 40 this year while my husband will be 47, yet we have no child.

My husband is the eldest child of the house and apparently the most beloved of her mother, who is already approaching her 80’s.

She had vowed last year that no anniversary would take place in that house except my husband agrees to marry another woman who can bear her a grandchild.

I was devastated and confused because all tests were showing negative pregnancy results, yet I’ve been having all normal symptoms of pregnancy for over 3 years now. The only thing was that I was seeing my period regularly.

And for months now, I have been feeling what seems like something moving in my stomach. And this confused me even more.

Madam, You Need to See a Psychiatrist…

I spoke to my gynecologist, Dr Dan Osuji, an experienced and highly respected doctor about this development and my feeling of possible pregnancy, the response I got was more shocking:

“You can’t be pregnant madam. The movement you feel is just your imagination. I think I will have to refer you to a psychiatrist. Your case is taking another dimension”


From childlessness to madness?

My mother in-law will just pack out my load finally. And my husband would not able to resist her this time.

At this point, I knew my village people are no longer using remote control on me, they have packed to my house to live with me.

At that point, I understood why many innocent-looking Nigerians commit suicide. Yes, I considered that as the next option.

It took the intervention of Mrs Ekhator, my husband’s colleague and our close family friend, and my ever-supportive husband, to gradually change my mind.

My Relief Came…

A big relief came my way when she told me about a neighbor who had a similar case but was treated and now a mother of 3. I could not believe that but insisted I meet the woman, Mama Miracle.

Oh my God! She was my partner in anguish. She saw hell like me. Without hesitation, I requested for the phone number of the doctor who treated her. I needed to meet him immediately.

She was treated by a trado-medical doctor, Dr Adeyinka. He uses pineapple, ugwu leave, garlic, bitter leaf and a particular root in powdery form.

She drank the combination for 2 months and the result was baby Miracle Osakue.

But there was a problem!

My husband, being a medical person does not believe in the use of herbs. He frowned at it and complained for days. It took the intervention of my mom who pleaded with my hubby. He respected her so well.

Yeah, it worked. He agreed, but on one condition. “I must first interview him to know his competence”, he commanded. “No problem dear” was my very fast response.

Long story short, treatment began, and in 1 month, my pregnancy was confirmed.

When I saw my unborn baby on the scan monitor, I screamed and the doctor conducting the scan asked if that was my first baby.

I told him the whole story and he decided to print the scan picture for me in colour. My husband could not believe this.

A month later, I got my first baby, a baby girl, so cute and adorable, all to the glory of God.

Since then, I promised to spread the good news about him to anyone willing to hear. This is how I think I can tell him thank you because God used him to wipe my tears and save my marriage.

Let me tell you this: Cryptic pregnancy is real. Many Nigerians are victims, and many doctors do not believe this, except a few humble ones. The awareness is gradually coming up.

Want to Meet Dr Adeyinka?

If you would like to reach Dr Adeyinka, book appointment with him on call via +2348167503188. 

If you think I was paid to write this, you’d better rethink. I am happy I am fulfilling a promise, and I know this will change the lives of those who take me seriously.

Make your research and take a decision. I wish you the best.

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