At Last! " You Now Have A Natural Healthy Energy Drink That Is Made From Pure Organic Aloe Vera Juice That Can Enhance Your Energy Level And Keep You Productive All Day Long

The Time Has Come For You To Stop Shortening Your Life Span, By Drinking Those Dangerous Soft Drinks You Have Been Taking All These Years.


06 August 2015

Dear Friend,

Do you know that one of the main causes of untimely death is not witchcraft? - It is  what we eat or drink!

Truly, when God Created the earth, man was placed in a  garden - A place full of fruits and vegetables and not in a factory producing Coke, Fanta, Pepsi, Mirinda, Maltina etc. This is one of the reasons our early fathers lived longer than what we have these days.

Why do we have eye problems? Why is diabetes so predominant? Why kidney and liver failures, even among the younger generations?

Yet my grandfather, when he was 80 years old, never used an eye glass but he was very vibrant before he died. All these health problems that we have these days are caused by the kind of food that we eat - Garbage in, Garbage Out!

In fact, some people are so accustomed to drinking Coca Cola every day and maybe you are even one of them. Perhaps, you don't drink Coca Cola; but you take Maltina or even alcoholic drinks because you think they don't have sugar.

The truth is, all these drinks have high sugar concentrates and they contribute in a great way, to many of the diseases that plague us as humans.

You don't believe that? See some proofs below...

Can you see from these Newspapers that Soft Drinks Are Not Actually Soft But Very Dangerous and Deadly?

For me, the very day I discovered these facts about soft drinks, I stopped their consumptions completely because I can't afford to die young at all

At this point, I am going to tell you something that is very bitter but true...

The soft drinks that you take everyday have adverse effect on your health. It is a confirmed fact that, a bottle of coke, has about 8 cubes of processed sugar. This means that, when you take a bottle of Coca Cola, you are actually consuming 8 cubes of processed sugar; when you do this, here are  some of the the adverse effects of consuming processed sugar:

x Kidney stones

x Heart disease

x Osteoporosis - weakness of the bones due to corrosive effect of Coca Cola On Calcium contents of the bones.

x Risk Of Diabetes due to high sugar concentrate

x Belly Fat caused by stored sugar concentrate

x Weight Gain caused by stored fat

Here is a diagrammatic presentation of the effect of taking other soft drinks.

In Spite of all this revelation, a lot of people would not stop taking soft drinks because of their crave for sugar. When you do this, you expose yourself to adverse health effect over time. This accounts for the major reason why there is a reduction in life span of men and woman as well as exposure to life-threatening  ailments.

Having been informed with these vital information, what should you do?

If you do not stop these soft drinks, someday, in the prime of your life, they will stop you and you may be digging your own grave with your hands - This is not a wise thing to do!

Sorry, I was blunt there, but I can't afford to lose you too.

But does it mean you should not take any drink? My answer is YES and NO

YES, because you are entitled to live long. NO, because a natural alternative has been prepared by a GLOBALLY RECOGNISED company with a focus to making people live healthy lives.

The No. 1 Natural & Healthy Alternative to Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks...

At this juncture, I am going to introduce this alternative to you. This is a wonderful health drink and energy booster that has no side effect, no sugar, no calories, caffeine, no carbs, but with immense benefits to your health.


Forever Active Boost -FAB Drink

Forever Active Boost is an Organic Pure Aloe Vera  Natural Health Drink. It has zero calorie and sugar-free energy Boosters. It has all the vitamins, amino acids but excluding sugar, calories, caffeine and carbs, unlike most other energy drinks that you take everyday.

If you need an energy drink to help you keep tab of your daily activities, FAB is your best choice.

Just a can of FAB supplies the energy that keeps you productive for the next 5 to 6 hours

Here is a Video shot Providing more information about this energy drink.

Click Below To Watch The Video



Consider your daily activities…

You wake up 5am in the morning very tired and sleepy, preparing for the day’s job. You get to work with busy work schedule and you are exhausted by the numerous tasks you have to complete daily. Later on, after close of work, you jump into your car or you enter in public bus, getting home tired… just reach out for FAB energy drink to regain your vitality.

Why is FAB different from other drinks?

x No sugar

x No carbs

x No Calorie

x No Caffeine

This energy drink contains Guarana, a natural ingredient and ADX7 Technology, a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, aminos and electrolytes formulated by a leading sport scientist.

It has been confirmed that ADX7 has helped Russian track and field athletes win over 130 medals in Olympic competition

If you want to see how powerful FAB works, drink it when you are exhausted and observe what happens to your energy level for the next 5 to 6 hours. It is so amazing!

Now that you have seen the benefits, let us talk about the cost and components of this health drink.

FAB is sold in a pack of 12 cans.

Now, How Much Will It Cost Me To Have FAB Delivered At My Doorstep?

The Retail Price Of FAB is N9,950 ($42.6). If You Reside In Lagos, You will get It At Zero Delivery Cost. But Outside Lagos, You Will Get It at retail N9,950 +N2,000 shipping charge.

That is if you're within Lagos, we send you a pack of FAB to any address for just N9,950
If you're Outside Lagos, you get it for

N11,950  ONLY!!! If You Are Outside Lagos



Here Is How You Can Order For Your FAB

To take advantage of this special offer, Pay The Sum Of N11,950 (If You are outside Lagos) to any of the following bank accounts:

Bank Name - GTBank
Account Name - Joseph Oguntola
Account Number - 0031992027

Bank Name - Access Bank
Account Name - Joseph Oguntola
Account Number - 0003480724

After making the payment, make sure you send your payment details to me through SMS to: 08141612525 Email to: The subject of the email should be "Paid For FAB Drink".

The payment details you are to send are:

1. Your Full Name
2. Amount paid & Bank paid
3. Teller Number (No need for this if you paid via internet banking)
4. Date Of Payment
5. Your Phone Number
6. Your email address
7. Delivery Address

PLEASE NOTE - As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive an SMS acknowledgment from me. Your Package will be delivered to your doorstep through a courier service within 3 to 5 working days!

Always remember that:

x FAB has no Sugar!

x FAB has no Carbs!

x FAB has no Calories

x FAB has no Caffeine

Do Not Miss This Special Offer! Place Your Order Today!!!

Joseph Oguntola
08141612525, 08025392953

P.S:  While many users have testified that FAB helps them reduce belly fat and improve energy in bed, please note that this product is not intended to cure any disease but to give you a healthy alternative to soft drinks that have high sugar contents.