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From: Joseph Oguntola
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Dear friend and Loyal Subscriber,

Complaints like the one shown below are becoming rampant these days.

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Hi Joseph,

Many thanx to you, I want to tell you that without much exercise, I was able to drop 10kg between 3 weeks.

I started by eating more veggies and fruits. I have a time table which I follow every time. After a week, people started asking me what happened, till after 3 wks, that some of my dresses could not fit in again. I went to my tailor to take my measurement, she was so surprised to see me like that.

I really appreciate your effort

Thanx and remain blessed.

Warm regards,

Adetunji Folashade,


Mr. Joseph,

Thank God I didn't take your offer for granted. I am excited to tell you that I lost 13kg in just 3 weeks. My room mate and 3 of my friends are ready to do the same. Am I free to give them your phone number?

Thank you, thank you and thank you. You are a God-sent.

And let me remind you to send the extra Nigeria recipe you promised me please.

Praise Adaobi Agu,



Here Is a List Of the Special Reports I am Talking About:



How To Achieve Natural Weight Loss With Little Exercise!




A Complete List Of Nigerian Foods That Burns Fat Fast!




The Truth About Why Eating Less Food Does Not Work With Weight Loss




7 Secrets Of Permanent FAT Loss and FITNESS!




A 7-Day Diet Plan Of Nigerian Foods That is Guaranteed To Help You Lose Weight In 28 Days!


What You Will Get From this SPECIAL Offer:

Exactly why Starving yourself won't help and how to eat at least 5 times daily and rapidly lose belly fat, arm fat, thigh fat and anywhere fat is stored.

How to SPEED up your body metabolism and turn your body into a fat melting furnace.

How to overcome food cravings and be in control of the food that your body consumes.

Revealed! The Number 1 drink that aids digestion and flushes fat inducing toxins out of your body. I'm sure you will hear this for the first time here

How to get rid of unwanted fat permanently without destroying your metabolism or starving yourself of food. Fat burning breakfast that you can prepare in 15 minutes that keep your stomach full and speeds up your metabolism, stops all the midday cravings, thereby preventing you from eating junks.

A fat burning time table meal plan that shows you exactly fat burning foods you’ll eat every day for 30 days. With this, you’ll never be clueless as to what food to eat to burn fat off. Recipe book that contains variety delicious Nigerian meals that you will eat  every single day for 30 days.

How to have strength, vigour and energy level without putting yourself through a tormenting & torturous work outs How to stay motivated and encouraged until your fat loss goal is achieved.

How Much Does this SPECIAL Offer cost?

Even though, these reports go for a normal price of N2,000 each, I am offering you the opportunity to get them at a highly discounted price for a minimum time.

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To take advantage of this special offer, pay N3500 ONLY into any branch of any of these two banks in Nigeria using the bank details below:

Note: You may also do online transfers or Online banking services.

Bank Name - GTBank
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After making the payment, make sure you send us your payment details to . The subject of the email should be Good Bye Promo

The payment details you are to send are:

a. Your Full Name.

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d. Amount paid

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As soon as your payment is confirmed, the reports that you paid for will be sent into your email box so that you can download them and start to use them.

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I wish you success...and a healthy body.

Your friend,
Joseph Oguntola

08038310923, 08025392953

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