Part 1: How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat And Excess Body Weight Fast

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Let me ask you…

Is your Belly like the one in the picture below?

fat belly

Or is your look like that shown below and you’ve tried everything possible to correct the problem but the fat is so stubborn that it will not go away?

fatty woman

Now, you won’t even dare to wear any tight fitted dress (usually called a “bodycon dress”) that hugs your body simply because your bulging belly will show out and your weight size may just tear the dress.

Do you always wear a free flowing dress to hide your “pregnant belly” so that your colleague or boss will not ask you when is your maternity leave?

Do older people usually refer to you as “mummy” or “aunty” just because you look much older than your age?

If you are in same situation, where you find it hard to get rid of unwanted fat around your belly and the extra rolls of fat on your sides, I want you to pay attention:

I will be revealing to you shortly, amazing secrets to help you lose your belly fats in a natural way and without any side-effect. Many Nigerians have used this and are happy about it.

So if you are sincere with winning the battle against stubborn and ugly belly fat as well as regaining your dream body shape to look younger and live healthier, you are in the right place.

Be determined to read and apply all the information in the reports that will be sent on this subject.

This approach to banishing belly fat and losing excess weight is ‘final’. How? It addresses the root cause of the problem, so a more permanent result is obtained.

This is what I mean:

If you ask the average person the best way to burn fat, the most likely advice they you’ll get is:

Go On A Diet Eating Just 1 Light Meal Per Day (Example: Indomie Noodles) And The Weight Must Go.

If you are currently on this type of diet, I am begging you to stop NOW because you are exposing yourself to a serious health and nutrition risk.

The obvious truth is, starving yourself does not help you fight weight loss in a healthy way. And once you get off the diet, the fat you shed temporarily will come back again, if not more serious!

Why and how does that happen? Okay let me explain:

What do you think happens when you begin to go on a starvation diet, I mean, eating very little or nothing just to lose weight?

Your body does not see it as a diet. Rather, your body starts to think that there is a lack of food (famine).

And since one of the characteristics of living things is ‘adaptability’, the human body is created to adapt and then your body responds by slowing down your metabolism; which is the rate at which your body burns fat.

So your body automatically switches to what is called “Starvation mode” and no further fat is burnt because there is food crisis.

When you starve yourself, you will initially lose weight before your metabolism slows down.

However, since you won’t continue to starve yourself forever, you will certainly go back to eating normal food.

Once this happens, your body instantly discovers a supply of food, and it starts to store the food back in your fat storage cell again, because your body thinks that this is a one time opportunity to store before you go into starvation mode again.

If you go ON and OFF starvation diet, you will continue in this vicious cycle of losing fat and then piling it back on.

Can you see that if you want to permanently get rid of belly fat, going on Starvation Diet won’t help?

If you starve for just a day, your body will not slow down metabolism right away. Starvation mode usually kicks in after continuous fasting usually between 3 – 5 days.

That is why starving yourself will not yield any lasting result. Is that clear?

Now, the new natural approach you will learn in this course however considers the way the body works and provides a solution that will not deprive you of good healthy nutrients and that will not harm your health at all.

The first action in getting rid of belly fat and excess body weight is knowing how the fat got there in the first place. If you understand this concept, removing the fat becomes easy and fun.

After all, a problem identified is a problem partly solved. So how exactly does fat get into our body?

This subject will be discussed in my next report. Just watch out!

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