Part 2: How Fat Gets Accumulated In Your Body

I implore you to pay very keen attention to this important part because by just understanding this concept well, you will know what has to be done exactly in order to remove the excess fat in your tummy and entire body.

Your Lifestyle + Your Diet=Your Excess Weight

The statement or formula above may make little or no sense to you but just read on.

To understand this concept well, let’s take a journey back in the days when there was less technology.

Yes, a time when the popular means of transport was bicycle riding or trekking, when there were no lawn mowers or tractors to cut grass, when there were no machine to blend pepper, when people had to sweat profusely several times before the day ends

oldman farming

During this time, it was rare to see anybody (both male and female) with excess fat on their body.

And mind you, these people could eat anything they wanted to and still, they do not get fat and they do not have to worry about any weight loss or any fat burning system.

But things have changed so rapidly with technology everywhere. Though it is a blessing, yet technology is not without its several shortcomings, especially to our lifestyle. Why?

Today, people hardly invest physical energy to do most things. Normal activities, like walking a few meters is now rare due to conveniences like cars, lifts etc

blackman sedentary

One can basically sit in an office a whole day, move around on his movable office chairs, controls the TV with the remote control, use the intercom to call his staff, use the lift downstairs for lunch, etc

This makes our lifestyle sedentary or inactive. And when this is the case, the calories in our foods that get deposited in our body are never burnt. They are accumulated and thus make us grow bigger and look older.

So, lack of active lifestyle keeps the weight coming. More on this later.


The second factor is our diet; I mean the foods we consume.


From our school days, we know that there are about 4 major classes of food.

  1. Carbohydrates.
  2. Fats and Oil
  3. Protein
  4. Vitamins and Minerals

For the purpose of this short course, I will focus on one of these food classes.

And that is Carbohydrates because this is primarily the class of food that you must carefully watch since it will determine your victory or failure in the battle against belly fat and excess weight.


These are made up of sugar and starchy foods. Examples are Yam, Rice, Pounded yam, Spaghetti, Maize, anything made of Wheat (such as bread, doughnut, etc), anything made of Cassava (such as Fufu, Garri, Eba, Pupuru), etc.


The truth is that these are the foods that make people grow fat the most. Unfortunately though, this is what constitutes 90% of our diets.




Interestingly however, without this food class in our diet, we will not have enough energy to carry out our daily activities.

Ideally, they are called energy producing foods in that they all carry some amount of energy (measured in calories) that is supposed to be deposited in the body to sustain us carry out our daily routines.

So how exactly is excess belly fat and weight gained?

Weight is gained when we have these energy-giving foods in excess and no exercise is done to burn the calories.

I will explain this using an example.

How much of calories does the body need per day? This depends on a number of factors, including gender, age, weight, height etc.

Let us use a recommended average of 2000 calories of energy.

So, let’s say your daily meal plan looks like this:

Breakfast: Bread and Tea

Lunch: Pounded Yam, Egusi soup, Beef and a bottle of Soft Drink

Dinner: Rice, Stew and Beef

Snacks (In-Between Meals): Doughnuts, Egg roll etc

Now let’s try to have an estimated idea of the total calories involved in this sample meal.

Bread: 250 cal

Pounded Yam: 800 cal

Egusi Soup plus Meat: 700 cal

Soft Drink: 210 cal

Rice, Stew and Meat: 350 cal

Egg roll: 150 cal

TOTAL: 2460


What does the body do with this? Simple, it takes the required amount of calories that it needs to build up your body (2000 or less calorie). That means you have 460 excess calories remaining in your body.

Your body will now convert the rest of the food to fat and deposit it on your body. Imagine 460 calories being deposited daily. Calculate that to get the calories in a month. You will be awed!

Now, if you are the kind of person who drinks a lot of beer or carbonated drinks (soft drinks), what you do not know is that these drinks contain a high level of sugar and when you consume a lot of it, the sugar is been converted into fat and deposited on your body.

The whole situation gets worse if you are in the category of those who live a sedentary lifestyle, without exercise. That is “Fat Everywhere for you.”

That is the simple explanation to the reason why you get fatter, and fatter by the day.

What then is the way out of this mess?

The simple solution is this:

  • Reduce the amount of calories you take in
  • Eat more of fat-burning meals (I will show you many of them shortly)
  • Involve yourself in some form of exercises to burn the remaining calories in your body.

Remember this: If you make effort to make simple adjustments to your diets and lifestyle, your body will start to respond to your weight loss effort

If this effort continues, you will come to experience what is called ‘Calorie Deficit.’

What is Calorie Deficit?

That is when the amount of fat burned by your body is more than the calorie supplied by the food you consume.

In plain language, when you eat 2,000 calories of food per day and your body burns 2,500 calories, that is, your body has a deficit of 500 calories which is burned from the excess fat previously stored in your body.

calorie deficit

In effect, the daily calories are burnt and the existing fats are gradually reduced.

So for you to lose weight or get a flatter belly, you need to eat in such a way that your body continues to burn extra calories everyday.

And you can do this by eating fat burning NIGERIAN foods that reduce the level of insulin being produced in your body.

These fat burning foods are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and contain micronutrients that boost your immune system.

When you burn more calorie than you take in, the result is that your body will start to burn the excess fat that you have on your body to convert them to energy for the use of your body. That is how you lose weight.

So, eat less foods rich in calories, eat more and more fat-burning foods, do some exercises and the assurance is that you will lose weight and be healthy.

But what are these fat-burning Nigeria foods? This is exactly what I will be sharing with you in my next report.

With this, you can be sure that you can consistently burn those ugly belly fats and lose pounds of body weight in a matter of weeks.

Just watch out!

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  1. Thank you for these wonderful truthful pieces. I most certainly will endeavour to follow through with them and hopefully attain that long sought-for target in due time. Till then, i remain committed to your lessons.

  2. just want to say thank you for these lectures.just wat i needed.i await d meals we need to eat n if possible herbal teas to burn off these belly fat as quickly as possible

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