Are you worried or embarrassed because you are overweight?

Is your husband bitterly complaining about your shape?

Are you losing your energy fast and feeling tired and sick often?

Are you afraid your excessive weight makes you stand at risk of other life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or even hypertension?

Have you spent a lot on pills or programs for weight loss without any good result?


If you answer yes to any of these questions, I will strongly recommend that you consider an approach that is different from what you may have tried before now.

And that is detoxification. Why?

The reason is that toxins can make you fat.

Apart from that, if you have your body loaded with toxins, any attempts you make to lose weight will yield no result because the toxins will inhibit the process of weight loss.

But that’s not all. Toxins are now been often implicated in many other diseases and disorders.

Therefore, if you are to lose weight and be well, it is time to switch from the traditional method that is now losing effectiveness and attack the root cause of the problem by eliminating the toxins in your system, giving you a brand new you.

Attempting to lose weight without first detoxifying can be likened to treating headache for a high blood pressure patient. The headache will persist as long as the main issue remains.

You must address the root cause of the headache, which is the High Blood Pressure for any permanent relief.

Similarly, your weight will keep coming if you fail to detoxify even if you starve yourself till “thy kingdom come”

But how do these toxins make one fat?


How Toxins Make One Fat

Just think about this: What happens to all these toxins once they enter the body? The fact is that our body is designed to eliminate them. How?

The intestines eliminate some waste products through bowel movements (passing out faeces)

The liver filters other toxins while the kidneys also remove some others.

The skin excretes some toxins.

The lungs and lymphatic system also sweep out others

The bloodstream tackles some toxins, and the colon eliminates others.


But the problem arises because often, the body simply cannot keep up with the vast amount of toxins we are exposed to.

To illustrate, imagine a factory machine that is designed to process 2 tons of raw materials per day.

What happens if the daily raw materials are increased to 3 tons and the capacity of the machine remains the same? There will be excess, right?

Where do those excess go? They are stored, to be processed perhaps the following day.

And the following day also has its raw materials waiting.

No doubt, there will be problem because the machine will work and overwork until it begins to lose efficiency and is finally parked. Right?


This is similar to what the body experiences when it is overloaded with too much toxins from left, right, up, down and centre.

The body simply cannot keep up with these. If toxins build up faster than they can be removed, disease results—not necessarily immediately but it is the outcome.

What then happens? Well, the detoxification organs work as hard as they are able. Some will overwork as long as they can but eventually they become sluggish and ineffective at doing their jobs.

Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton, author of The Body Restoration Plan, says, “In effect, most of the chemicals that we cannot eliminate end up being stored in our adipose tissue (body fat) due to their high fat solubility. Contrary to popular belief, however, once in the fat stores they are not out of harm’s way, because once there they set to work damaging our fat metabolism.”

Please read the bold portion again. Did you get the point clear?

To put it in another way, these excess toxins that the body systems cannot eliminate are soluble (or can dissolve in fat) and are thus stored in the body’s fat tissues.

And that is why your weight keeps coming.

This also means that starving yourself does not solve the problem. As far as the toxins are still there, your weight remains. Yes, toxins can make you fat. And they can also make it more difficult to lose weight.

Thus, detoxification is a perfect way to lose weight. More on how you can actually detoxify ahead. Just read on.

Detoxification simply means the removal of excess toxins from your body. This is however not always easy to do, because toxins get attached to our fatty tissues. And that is why Clean 9 weight loss program begins the first 2 days with a phase called “detoxification phase”, and within these 2 days, you can lose up to 5kg.

What does the magic at this phase is the Aloe Vera gel, inside the Clean 9 pack.

If you would like to experience the power of this detoxification, simply order for your Clean 9 by clicking here or

But even when you are not overweight, there are toxins in your system and they need to be removed. If you feel Clean 9 is not for you, why not go for Aloe Vera gel alone, and I will guide you on how to use it to achieve a successful detoxification. And this is quite cheap.

If this idea sounds good to you, give me a call and let’s talk about it.


The Role of Toxins in Other Diseases and Disorders

But that’s not all. Apart from the fact that toxins make you fat, they are often implicated in many other diseases and disorders that affect humankind, such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, hormonal imbalances such as premenstrual syndrome, menopausal symptoms, and others

Psychological disturbances such as depression, bipolar syndrome, schizophrenia, mood swings, and irritability; obesity; digestive disorders; metabolic disorders; cancer; and brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are not also left out.


We have often time believed that bad genes, age, virus, bacteria or fungus that we cannot even see are responsible. Yes genes, pathogens, and aging are factors in our health but toxins play a much greater role because a normal healthy immune system should be able to keep the other factors (genes, pathogens, etc) in check.

Sometimes we feel fatigued, lethargic, weak, or headachy. Sometimes we suffer from aches and pains.

These symptoms are the result of toxic overload—too many toxins building up and not enough being eliminated.

And for so many of us, the first solution we consider for headache or pain is a drug that can stop the pain. What are these drugs made of? Chemicals or toxins are involved.

Therefore, it means that by trying to solve a problem caused by toxin overload, we are also unwittingly adding more toxins. That is very serious.

So if you have been suffering from these diseases and disorders and your efforts are yielding little or no result, without delay, consider detoxifyng your body and you will appreciate the healing power of detoxification.


As you will see in this free course, you do not need to be a helpless victim or an ignorant onlooker while your body struggles. You will learn how you can reduce your exposure to toxins and improve your body’s capacity to eliminate them.

To minimize further toxic buildup, you must know exactly how fast and easily these toxins get into your body. The truth is that these toxins enter us through ways we cannot even believe or imagine.

This is exactly why you need Clean 9 and Aloe Vera gel to help you out. You will be shocked at the changes you will start seeing in a matter of days. I will be glad to guide you in this important journey to become toxin-free.

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  1. I just need the gel please. I already lost like 12kg from diet and exercise alone. I want to detox as well. Kindly send me a direct mail on how much the gel is and how I can get it. Thanks

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