Part 4: A Special Belly Fat Burning Drink Used By Nollywood Celebrities

I came across this uncommon drink some years ago. My Dad was fond of using it but I never took it serious. He always told me about its detoxifying power but I didn’t show any genuine interest. Ignorant me!

Just recently, after about 6 years I lost my dad, I found out that many Nigerian celebrities use the same drink and from there, I decided to carry out an in-depth study about it.

What special drink am I talking about?

That drink…is called LEMON WATER.

The use of Lemon Water has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine and it has been used for thousands of years to burn fat and get a flatter belly fast.

This drink is so POWERFUL because apart from its fat-burning ability, it safely detoxifies the body, making you lighter, removing the dangerous toxins that make you fat by clogging to your fatty tissues.

If you are struggling with Excess Weight, Belly Fat, Arm Fat, etc, or if you are fond of eating emotionally or even drinking lots of soft drinks plus other dangerous stuffs and you can’t seem to stop, this drink will help very well.

It will help reduce your cravings for them and thus control what you eat.

Here’s how to prepare your own Lemon Water


1. 1 medium size lemon
2. A jug full of water (8 – 10 glasses)


STEP 1. Wash and cut lemon into two halves. Remove the seeds with the tip of a knife.

lemon cutting

STEP 2 Squeeze the juice from the 2 lemon halves into a jug of water. You can also use cold or ordinary water.

lemon squeeze

STEP 3 – Drink & Enjoy as needed. Rinse your mouth afterwards.

Also, put some of it in a water bottle, take to work and drink while working. You’ll be amazed at what it does to your body.

Within a few weeks of consistent use, you will be moved to attest to the power of this wonderful drink.

So now, go get plenty of lemon and start using while I await your testimonies.



Remember that lime is different from lemon in size, flavor and sometimes color.



Lemon Fruitlemon tree

Lime Fruitlime tree

Although lemons and limes share the same nutritional benefits such as being low in calories, good sources of dietary fiber, good sources of vitamins C and B-9, our recommendation here is specific: Use lemon, not lime. Why?

A University of Lagos research suggests that lime can prevent conception (at least on rats which the research was performed on) but lemon has no such effect on conception.

Ask your fruit seller to get you lemon and not lime, okay?

If you are pregnant, ensure you inform your doctor before drinking lemon drink. While there is no known negative implication, I am required by sense of duty to ask you to.

Endeavour to send your testimonies immediately you start seeing the powerful results from this drink and this free course.

This will encourage others and we will be moved to do more.

The next and last part of this course will direct your attention to specific work-outs or exercises you must start doing to complement your diet control. This will fast track achieving your weight loss goal.

Expect it.



27 Comments on Part 4: A Special Belly Fat Burning Drink Used By Nollywood Celebrities

  1. thank u so much for coming to our rescue,is as if u know how embarrassed i am with my belly fat!DAT now makes me look older than my age.God bless u and ur family for dis info.

  2. Tnxs so much, hav known dis 4 couple of years now but to get lemon is not easy it is very scares in market but lime can easily be found, can we use lime instead since u said they shared the same nutritional benefit.

  3. Thank you Fø̲̣̣я̅ this have been doing it I will continue I hope it as no side effect to does who are nt married in case of child birth.

  4. I’m so glad to hearing this,though I av heard bout it,but my problem is I can’t even get d lime 4rm d fruit seller,cos they said its out of thk u all the same

  5. i have tried lemon but was not consistent wit it.but now am going to be serious.i like soft drinks alot but am gradually reducing d intake.weldone n God bless u.u will find help too in times of need

  6. thanks for this.I stopped taking lemon because I’m preparing to have a baby.what say do you av on this though my tummy is still big after I had my first baby.then is it ok to take lemon infusion immediately after delivery

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