Part 4 of 5: The Detox Quiz For You

It is now time to test yourself and know if you really need to get yourself detoxified

So take the following quiz to find out. You may be surprised to learn of the many symptoms that are linked to toxins in the body.



Detox Quiz Instruction


Score one (1) point for every habit or symptom you have experienced within the last year and zero (0) for those not experienced.

Example Below:

  1. Are you always tired in the morning or during the day even after a good night’s sleep? 1
  2. Are you always tired in the morning or during the day even after a good night’s sleep? 0

Example ‘a’ applies if you experience the symptoms of tiredness (1 point)

Example ‘b’ applies if you do not experience the symptoms of tiredness (0 point)

There are over 50 questions under 7 different sections.

Please answer all the questions.

If you have difficulty answering any of them, drop your question on the comment box and it shall be attended to.


At the end, sum up all your points (1’s) and the result will be analyzed.

Is that clear? Ok let’s begin.

        1. Sleep and Energy

Are you always tired in the morning or during the day even after a good night’s sleep?  ——

Do you often experience disrupted sleep? ——–

Do ordinary activities leave you feeling worn out or tired? ———

  1. Mental and Emotional

Do you often get confused, even doing things that were not new to you? ———

Do you often feel agitated or nervous? ———

Do you experience some unexplained feelings of anxiety or sadness? ———

Do you feel you now experience excessive and sometimes unnecessary anger or irritability? ———–

Do you experience mood changes? ———-

Are you experiencing any form of depression? ———-

Do you at times suffer from memory lapses? ———-

Do you feel restless or shaky? ———-

Do you have difficulty understanding new concepts? ———-

Are you mentally sluggish? ———-

Are you seeing yourself sometimes lacking coordination? ———-

Do you have difficulty making decisions

Do you always have negative outlook? ———-

  1. Eyes, Ears, Mouth, and Nose

Do you experience itchy ears? ———-

Are you sensitive to noise? ———-

Do you experience itchy or watery eyes? ———-

Do you have dark circles or bags below eyes? ———-

Do you have swollen or inflamed eyelids? ———-

Do you have bloodshot eyes? ———-

Are you sensitive to light? ———-

Do you sneeze frequently or you often have chronic cough? ——–

Do you have runny or itchy nose? ———-

Do you have coating on tongue? ———-

Are you exposed to gaseous emission from factories? ———–

  1. Skin

Do you have dull-coloured, pale, greyish or yellowish skin? ———-

Is your skin loose and flabby? ———-

Is your skin wrinkling? ———-

Are you experiencing acne or other skin blemishes? ———-

Do you have eczema or psoriasis? ———-

Do you have hives (itchy, swollen, red areas of the skin) ? ———-

Do you have cellulite (swollen) skin? ———-

Any other skin problems not mentioned above? ———-

Do you work with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals? ———–


  1. Digestive System

Do you experience frequent nausea or vomiting? ———-

Do you experience diarrhea or loose stools? ———-

Do you experience frequent constipation? ———-

Do you experience frequently belching or gas release, especially after eating? ———-

Do you always have foul-smelling bowel movements (feces)? ———-

Do you sometimes experience bloating (swelling) or abdominal discomfort? ———-

Do you suffer heartburn or indigestion? ———-

Do certain foods irritate your stomach? ———-

Do you have one or less than one bowel movement per day? ———-

Do you experience frequent urination? ———-


  1. Eating Habits

Do you have a lot of cravings for foods? ———-

Do you drink alcoholic beverages? ———-

Do you eat fast foods, packaged or frozen foods?

Do you drink coffee or tea? ———-

Do you consume sweets (including any sweetened foods: juices, carbonated beverages, condiments, or desserts)? ———-

Do you consume canned meat products, canned vegetables, canned fruits, canned fish or any other canned foods and drinks? ———-


Do you consume white flour products (bread, pasta, cakes, cookies etc)? ———-

Do you consume fried foods or margarine? ———-

  1. Joints and Pain

Do you have aching or painful joints? ———-

Do you experience joint stiffness? ———-

Do you experience frequent headaches or migraines? ———-


We have come to the end of the quiz. Now let us check your results.


How did you score?


0–5: Excellent

You are probably experiencing great health. Keep in mind that being symptom-free doesn’t guarantee a lifetime of great health. If you are detoxifying regularly, keep up the good work.


6–10: Good

You need to detoxify to improve your health. You will likely find relief from many of the symptoms you experience by limiting your exposure to toxins.


11 Plus: Time to Detox

You are experiencing many nagging symptoms that will improve by detoxifying.

The energy and effort you invest in healing will pay tremendous dividends.

Keep reading and you will shortly learn how to get started on the road to incredible health, amazing energy, and an improved quality of life.


This is enough for today.


Tomorrow’s lesson will direct your attention to how to detoxify your body.


It will also introduce you to interesting free information you cannot afford to miss on the best way to detoxify your body and lose those stubborn wastes at once.


Just watch out!

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