By now, you must be very eager to know exactly how to detoxify your body and become free of dangerous toxins causing different diseases and disorders in you.


This part will provide some useful tips on how to detoxify and by trying the information that will be presented shortly, you will experience a great relief.


Just try it and I can assure you that you will thank me later. I don’t think so. I know so.


This free course will not be complete without actually presenting to you a time-tested body detox plan.

This is a 4 weeks plan that will spell out every single meal you must take at every point in time for the 4 weeks period.

The 4-Week Body Detox Plan incorporates foods, juices, exercise, and many other enjoyable therapies. Most importantly, you will give your body a break from dietary and lifestyle habits that may be wreaking havoc on your health.


I should not forget to inform you that the 4 weeks detox diet plan will be preceded by a 3 days meal plan full of uncooked fruits and vegetables that you can eat raw 5 times a day to get a good detoxification result.


But why is the 3 days detox plan necessary since the real detox plan will last for 4 weeks?

Don’t forget that the detoxification process will be carried out by specific organs, such as liver, kidney, skin and several others.


If they aren’t cleared of blockages, you can end up with even more toxic buildup, as the toxins that are being expelled have nowhere to go. They will end up hiding inside your fatty tissues, making you fatter than you will realize.

These organs themselves have already accumulated a lot of toxins and must be cleaned up first. Failure to do this can be likened to using road side erosion water to wash a white shirt. The cloth will no doubt remain dirty.

Because the 3 days detox plan is very thorough (only uncooked fruits and vegetables alone), it is designed to meticulously clean up these organs responsible for detoxification so that they can properly carry out the clean up process. Is that clear?


But how can you begin the full body detox plan? I will tell you about that at the close of today’s lesson.

So let me give you some useful tips on detoxification that you can begin trying right away for a healthier you.


Some Simple Detox Idea You Can Start On Your Own, Even Now


  1. Drink plenty of fluids.

In detoxification, always remember this statement all the time: “Dilution is Solution to Pollution”.


Does that make any sense to you? The point is that the pollution or toxins become less and less effective when they are diluted with fluids.


Therefore, drink water, teas, and vegetable juices. Notice however that this recommendation DOES NOT include coffee, milk (any kind), fruit juice, or soda drinks, especially for the first 3 days. Why?

They are too acidic: either dehydrating (coffee), toxic (soda), sugary (fruit juice), and overly processed (soy milk). So what should you drink?


  1. Drink plenty of pure clean water

The amount of water to consume depends on several factors and one formula does not fit all situations.

But it is important to drink enough water per day, after all, our body is 60% water.


‘Clean pure water’ does not necessarily refer to sachet water. Not all are really clean and pure.


Drink mostly before 7pm. That is when the Kidneys take their turn to rest according to the Chinese Organ Meridian Body Clock. You don’t want to overload the Kidneys. But on a more practical note, you don’t want to get up at night to go to the bathroom.

  1. Use Lemon Water Every Morning

One way to cleanse or detoxify your body is to start each day with lemon water.


Every morning, get a glass of water, get a ball of lemon, slice into two and squeeze the two halves of the lemon into the glass of water, drink 10 – 15 minutes before breakfast.

Lemon as a Citrus fruit, has citric acids and this acid helps in the cleansing process. It works like the effect of bleach on fat. When
taken, it goes to work to penetrate fat molecules and break them down, thus making fat loss and free flow of blood enhanced.


  1. Go to sleep on time, say 10 pm.

Between 10 pm and 2 am is the most healing and detoxifying time to sleep.


During this crucial time, our body does the most cell-repair and cell-rejuvenation, getting rid of toxins within the cells.

If we go to sleep at 1 am or later, we miss out on this natural anti-aging habit.


  1. Exercise and Sweat Regularly.

Take time to exercise and sweat. Perspiration is a natural way that our body detoxifies itself. And it’s one of the most effective ways to detox. Don’t forget that the skin is the largest organ in the body and thus, it is the largest detox organ too.

‘Regularly’ means four or more times a week at a minimum if you exercise. Better yet, sweat mildly every day.

Sweating is limited in terms of the range of toxins that can be released, but must not be avoided altogether, if you want to maintain optimal health.



  1. Teach Yourself To Breathe Through The Nose Not Through The Mouth.

The mouth is designed by nature for eating and talking. What about the nose? Just for breathing? Far from that. In addition to breathing, the nose is designed for warming, filtering/detoxifying, and moistening the air to prepare it for the lungs.  Yes the nose can filter the incoming air.


If we breathe through the mouth, we miss out on this important filtering mechanism, and the pollutants get into the lungs. This alone can cause a high level of toxicity in our bodies.


If we breathe through the nose, many pollutants get stopped in the mucous membranes of the nasal passages and get carried to the digestive system where they are broken down and carried out of the body. Is that understood?


  1. Supply Your Body With A Full Range Of Vitamins, Minerals, And Antioxidants.

These classes of food are very essential for a healthier body. So get them from food if you can. That is hard to do, living in the modern world, far from fresh organic foods.


Go for:
– fresh vegetables and their juices;
– whole fruits and berries;
– sprouted grains and seeds; and
– seaweed.


All of the above-listed foods contain the highest amounts of natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than any other food.


If you will need a full supplement containing the full range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and the rest essential nutrients, forward an email to or call 08025392953

Start using this information right away and you will be surprised at the result you will start getting immediately.

I know this information is free but it can change your life and that of your loved once. So do not look down on it.

About 97% of those reading this would not take this information seriously just because it is free. They would have taken it more seriously if I had charged N10, 000 or more.


This is because free things are hardly valued, even if they are precious. Don’t be one. Make yourself one of the 3% that will start acting now because your good health is now in your hands. So start using it, right away. That is my advice for you.



What About The 4 Weeks Detox Plan?

It is just impossible to cover everything in this course. The subject of detoxification is a broad one and there are so many misleading guides on the internet.


I have another great plan for you

Another free course has been arranged for you by an expert on the subject of detoxification. This will last for just 3 days. The course will show you exactly how you can begin your detox program immediately.

This will leave no stone unturned as it will help you on a step-by-step basis until you flush out those life-threatening toxins from your body.


The course begins on Monday.

Be on the look out.


Let me thank you for being a part of this educating free course. I hope you have benefited greatly from the information presented.


See you on Monday for the remaining parts.


Good Health to You


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