The 3 Powerful Steps To Banishing Your Excess Body Fat-Part 1

fattyToday, I will be opening your minds to some powerful steps to getting rid of your excess fat, in your belly, arm, or thigh, in a safe, natural way.

First of all, I want you to realize that the excess fat in question did not just arrive there. They accumulated primarily because of the kinds of foods you have been consuming or some activities you have not been doing.


Remember those days of our fathers and forefathers, those days when the only means of transport was riding a bicycle, those days when there were no blenders but flat stones for grinding, those days when there were no yam flour but you had to manually pound, those days when there were no land mower and tractors but you had to exert yourself vigorously to do clearing…

Those days, everyone engaged in sweat tasking activities that from time to time.Again those days, there were no fast food joints, soft drinks, canned and processed foods etc., but naturally prepared foods.processedfood

Those days, obesity and overweight were not serious issues as we now have.

Technology no doubt brought us comforts but certainly also took along many other things.

Now, with little or no physical activities, toxin-filled foods all around us, we eat what turn us to mummy” in our teens. Too bad indeed!


So what must you do then? Here come the three powerful steps to sentencing our excess fat to life imprisonment

  1. Replace your diet with fat burning foods
  2. Change your eating habits
  3. Exercise and Detoxify


Today, we will discuss about the first point, replace your diets with fat burning foods. What does that mean? Let me explain:

Here in our dear country Nigeria, the most common class of food we consume is Carbohydrate. In fact, this constitutes 90% of our diets. Too much of this Carbohydrate is actually what makes people get fat.

ebaCarbohydrates are sugar and starchy foods. Let me give you some examples – Yam, Rice, anything made of Wheat (bread, doughnut etc), anything made of cassava (Fufu, Garri, Eba), rice, spaghetti, maize etc.

Ideally, they are called energy producing foods in that they all carry some amount of energy that is supposed to be deposited in the body so that it can be made use of to perform some certain activity.


This energy is measured in calories. You must have seen calories, written as ‘Cal’ on food or drink labels.

Now look at this situation. If the total amount of energy your body requires in a day is 1000 Calories, but the foods and drinks consumed already amount to 1500 Calories.

What then happens to the balance 500 calories? It is stored. What if this continues for days or even months? Excess calories build up and turn to fat in your body. Simply, that is how you get fat.

So what can you do? First, get rid of the dangerous unwanted fat and secondly, eat the right kinds of food.

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Since you now understand how fat is created from the types of food you eat, your major aim right now is to eat less of the foods that create more fat in your body and eat more of the foods that do not.


Let me show you some of these foods that are readily found everywhere in Nigeria.

  1. Tea (especially Green Tea) by tea, I don’t mean bottled tea like Bournvita, Milo etc. Those are processed. You have to drink tea the original way… by soaking a tea bag ( Lipton)into a cup of hot water. Drinking a maximum of 4 cups a day will mean you burn 266 calories more than those who don’t drink tea. DAILY, I must add. Why is this so?

Because tea contains Catecins which suppresses the need to eat constantly. So get to drinking more  tea today! Also, do not use sugar when drinking tea. You can use honey instead and some powdered milk. Don’t use the normal vapourized milk that contains a lot of sugar.


  1. Leafy Green Vegetables The health benefits of eating vegetables has been preached to you from every corner of the earth. Vegetables are low in calories and contain plenty of fiber which fills you up. Some of the vegetables you should be eating daily include spinach, cabbage, and more. Train yourself to eating these greens!
  2. Fish: Fish are full of protein and Omega 3s. The best types of fish you should eat are Sardine, Salmon, Trout, Tilapia, Mackerel, Whitefish and the likes.
  3. Fruits – You can eat carrots, pineapples, pawpaw, orange, water melon etc. These fruits fill you up fast and help you not to fill hungry and since they do not produce any amount of fat, you are able to burn more calories and reduce your body fat.


  1. Bananas – I had to mention this one separately because it is a fruit you have to fall in love with. Eating bananas is going to help your body in a lot of ways apart from helping you to avoid fat gain.

Others are:



Garden Egg


Brown Rice


Green plantain


Green Peas

Sweet Corn

Chicken (skinless)

Fish (all types)

Brown Rice (Local)


Sweet Potatoes



Red Pepper

Bell Pepper (Tatase)

Brown Bread

Goat Meat (lean)

Spinach Vegetable (Green)

Ugwu Vegetable

Water Leaf

Cashew Nuts

Walnut (Awusa)

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Sea Foods e.g. Crabs, Crayfish)




Water Melon


So go ahead and include these in your diet because they are POWERFUL fat burning foods.

When you include all these foods in your diet and make them into meals that you eat 3 -5 times daily, your body will lose weight naturally.


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No need to starve yourself.

No need to go on boring diets.

This is because the foods listed above are high in fibre:

They make your stomach full easily.


They are also very low in sugar content, Which makes it difficult for your body to store excess sugar as fat.

When you eat these super foods, you can eat “a medium sized portion” and you will not gain an ounce of weight because they are low in calories and sugar content.

You have great information in your hands.

Go ahead and use it well.

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If this article has benefited you in any way, feel free to drop your comments please.

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  1. Very grateful for these tips on how to cut down on bely fat. ‘ Have been trying myself on some of these tips. The results are awesome. Thanks.

    • Thanks a lot for shearing with me beneficial tips of weight loss. Your information had being of great help to me . thank you once more.

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