The 3 Powerful Steps To Banishing Your Excess Body Fat-Part 3

Detoxification and Exercise

obeseAre you worried or embarrassed because you are overweight?

Is your  husband bitterly complaining about your shape?

Are you losing your energy fast and feeling tired and sick often?

Are you afraid your excessive weight makes you stand at risk of other life-threatening

diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or even hypertension?

Have you spent a lot on pills or programs for weight loss without any good result?


If you answer yes to any of these questions, I will strongly recommend that you consider an approach that is different from what you may have tried before now. And that is detoxification. Why?

The reason is that toxins can make you fat. But what exactly is detoxification?

Simply described, detoxification is the process of removing toxins from our body systems.

So what are toxins?

Toxins are substances that disrupt the normal healthy flow within our bodies. Like poisons, they are dangerous.

Literally thousands of toxins and harmful synthetic chemicals hide in our food, air, water, clothes, homes, and workplaces.

The very things that should nourish our bodies or comfort us are often making us ill.

spray food


They take the form of foods, cleaning products, beauty and hygiene products,

cooking oils and  food additives.


mosquito killer

Others are pesticides and herbicides, secondary smoke, industrial chemicals in our air, sugar,
exhaust fumes from cars and generators, etc


The simple truth is that humans are now bombarded by toxins in almost everything around us and this is getting us unnecessarily overweight and shortening our lives faster than the speed of light.

Attempting to lose weight without first detoxifying can be likened to treating headache for a high blood pressure patient. The headache will persist as long as the main issue remains.

You must address the root cause of the headache, which is to lower the Blood Pressure for any permanent relief.

Similarly, your weight will keep coming if you fail to detoxify even if you starve yourself till “thy kingdom come”

But how exactly do toxins make you fat, or make your gone fat return?

The body organs are usually bombarded with more toxins than they can handle, usually from our foods, the air, etc

What then happens? Well, the detoxification organs work as hard as they are able. Some will overwork as long as they can but eventually they become sluggish and ineffective at doing their jobs.

So what happens to those chemicals or poisons, called toxins that cannot be handled by the organs?

Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton, author of The Body Restoration Plan, answers the question saying:

“In effect, most of the chemicals that we cannot eliminate end up being stored in our adipose tissue (body fat) due to their high fat solubility. Contrary to popular belief, however, once in the fat stores they are not out of harm’s way, because once there they set to work damaging our fat metabolism.”

Notice that these remaining toxins are stored in our fat tissues and they make us get fatter by the day.

And that explains why your weight keeps coming.

So what can be done to permanently handle these toxins? You must detoxify! But how?

The answer to this question lies in a powerful plant that you probably have heard about or even used.

This plant has made its way through the headlines and it has also been hailed as the new wonder health
product in the market.

This wonder plant is called Aloe Vera






Aloe Vera has been listed as the major ingredient in many personal care products and its fame date as far back as some 3000 years. Since then, it has been used to benefit mankind.

And for good reasons…

Now let me tell you a little about the plant Aloe Vera.aloe 2

Aloe Vera comes from a plant known as Aloe Barbadenis Miller and it’s one of the 420 species of the Aloe plant family used for making the herbal medicine we know as Aloe Vera.

The plant itself has around 75 active components which makes it possible for it to use the plant in over 40 different ways to take care of health problems, including the treatment and prevention of certain ailments.

Among the many unique ways that Aloe Vera has benefited people,for those who wish to lose weight, here are some of the great characteristics of Aloe Vera.

  1. DetoxificationDetoxification is actually one way to purge the body of accumulated toxins
    over the years, and once this happens, the body finds it easy to burn fat.
    Aloe Vera helps as it affects the digestive system in a positive way to
    cleanse it as it get rid of toxic waste in the body.

    2. Laxative Effect

    The consumption of Aloe Vera juice regularly stops constipation and
    this helps bowel movement as a healthy inner body is regained.

    3. Increased Metabolism

Increased metabolism is one of the factors that help people burn fat in
the body. Regular intake of Aloe Vera helps to accelerate an increase in
metabolism when an exercise is done while taking this plant product.

When you add regular exercises to the above 3 factors, these are the main
engine that fuels effective and natural weight loss for anyone who
strives to lose weight. And such exercises are not necessarily carried outside your home. I can assist with videos of these exercises. If you need them, feel free to request.

Back to the wonder plant, Aloe Vera

So if you are really ready to lose weight and keep it gone for good, it is a necessity that you first detoxify your body and keep it free of those harmful toxins lurking around your fat tissues. And the best way to do this is to use Aloe Vera, the wonder plant.

Fortunately, Aloe Vera is one of the contents of the Clean-9 pack that I have been advertising to you lately.

When you add this very natural component to your weight loss arsenal, you will be able to lose some of the weight that you presently carry.

The Clean-9 pack is a program that will take you through a 9-day weight loss therapy. During this period, one of the foods you will be eating will be the Aloe Vera.

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